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'Nice Shot!' - Rumble for the Ring CT Tournament Edition!

The perfect companion to the Boomslang play-by-play broadcast? Our 'Nice Shot!' tournament recap photo feature!

In this week's Rumble for the Ring CT Tournament Edition of 'Nice Shot!', we're excited to feature great photos from this past weekend's match-ups taken by local sports photographer and the official team photographer of Boomslang Basketball Club, Larry Blucher!

The second game of the weekend featured Boomslang facing a brand new program to appear on our spring schedule: WeR1 Basketball. We look forward to seeing them again sometime later this season and are happy to share these great images from game two this past Saturday afternoon! Another stellar tournament performance by Boomslang Basketball Club. If you haven't already listened to the play-by-play, be sure to check that out as well here!

Congratulations to the entire team and Coach Ron on an outstanding performance in Newtown, CT this past weekend! More fun to come this spring - let's go BOOMSLANG!

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