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Quick first step.

In basketball, a strong first step is incredibly important and yesterday our 9U Girls team took a great first step into the Spring 2022 season! I wanted to pass along how proud we are of how much effort the entire team gave yesterday and how much fun they made Boomslang's first practice!

Congratulations, all! We will continue to work on our fundamentals next week with another fun practice full of new drills, new tunes and another exciting team scrimmage to wrap up the hour!

Thursday, Feb 3: basketball. This weekend: snowball. Stay warm and enjoy!

If the snow clears before our next practice and anyone is looking to continue the fun at home, here's a quick practice recap: Dribbling with your right hand...Dribbling with your left hand...Chest passes...Bounce passes. If there's a hoop nearby: layup right side, layup left side...Swing through left-to-right, speed dribble into a layup from the right side...Swing through right-to-left, speed dribble into a layup from left side. Have fun!

See everyone on Thurs Feb 3! Boomslang on three....1, 2, 3...BOOMSLANG!

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