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New for Fall: Special Edition Player Posters!

Exciting news to share, Boomslang fans! Our Special Edition BOOMSLANG PLAYER POSTERS featuring in-game action from the spring season have started to ship to players registered to return for our fall season!

Youth basketball should be about MORE than just the on-court results. When a player commits to developing their game and playing for Boomslang Basketball Club, we want the entire experience to be a positive one so we aim to go above and beyond for each and every Boomslang player.

If you've registered your daughter as a returning player for the upcoming fall season, keep an eye out for your poster featuring spring season highlight photography by Larry Blucher, and a commemorative BOOMSLANG PRESS RELEASE announcing your daughter's "re-signing" with the team!

If you've registered to play with us for the first time this summer or fall, we look forward to having you join the Boomslang Basketball Club action and fun soon!

And if you're considering a program to join for the first time, you can register today for our upcoming BOOMSLANG season on this site at the REGISTER tab above!

No matter whether you're returning to represent BOOMSLANG or playing with us for the first time, we can't wait to see you on the court!

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