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LISTEN: 'The BOOM Mic' - Play-by-Play Broadcast - BOOMSLANG vs Grey Wolves

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

A thrilling performance by BOOMSLANG this morning led to a victory over our Zero Gravity Winter League rivals, the Grey Wolves! From backcourt to frontcourt, baseline to baseline, defense to offense, player to player, opening second to final whistle, the girls gave it everything they had and put it all together to deliver their most complete game of the winter season! If you weren't able to make it to the game, we don't want to spoil the details here - listen to Rob Adams' call of the team's victory on 'The BOOM Mic' now by clicking the link below!

More Winter League fun to come! If you haven't already signed up for spring, do so now by clicking HERE while roster spots last and it will be YOUR name being called on-the-air as you take your game to the next level with BOOMSLANG this spring!

Next games: Saturday, January 21 4:10pm vs Northeast Elite & Saturday, January 21 5:15pm vs Grey Wolves - Let's go BOOMSLANG!

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