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LISTEN: 'The BOOM Mic' - CT State Championships Edition

Updated: May 10, 2023

BOOMSLANG's task this past Sunday morning was a tall one - literally. Against one of the bigger teams in the tournament, BOOMSLANG played the role of David vs Connecticut Elite's Goliath! Listen to all the exciting action as the team leaves it all on the floor competing in the Zero Gravity CT State Championships against Connecticut Elite and the smaller yet quicker by comparison opponent in Team Vibez Basketball in the links below! Be sure to also check out the pictures from this past weekend's action in our CT State Championship Edition of 'Nice Shot!' here!

vs Connecticut Elite - Zero Gravity CT State Championships

vs Team Vibez Basketball - Zero Gravity CT State Championships

More fun to come this spring! Continue to check back for more fun content and let's go BOOMSLANG!

(You can listen to archived Boomslang Basketball Club broadcasts by clicking the image below!)

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