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Blue vs White Spring Scrimmage and Special Edition Player Posters!

BOOMSLANG had an exciting night tonight as we welcomed Coach Colton to the program and held our annual spring season Blue vs White scrimmage! Both teams gave it their all and in the end, the White team took home the victory over Blue with an impressive run of baskets made in the final minutes wrapping things up with a final score of 22-16!

With no tournament play this weekend due to the holiday and upcoming local school breaks, it was a great opportunity for the teams to get some additional game action in, to help stay sharp as we approach our next batch of tournaments. Congratulations to everyone on a strong start to the spring season!

Thus far, Team W has two spring tournaments under their belt and Team S has one, capped off by a trip to the Championship game of the Empire State Showdown! More fun to come - including our spring players who have returned after playing with us in winter and just received their winter game-action posters! Each player that signs up to play with BOOMSLANG is welcomed to the team with an official press release and each re-signing is celebrated in that same fun way - however, when you return for your second season, third season, fourth season and beyond, you also receive an awesome poster featuring YOU playing in an exciting BOOMSLANG tournament game from the prior season!

Our players deserve the best AAU experience possible and that's exactly what we aim to give them, both on and off the court. More information to follow in a future edition of 'SLANG Magazine here on the Boomslang website for everyone to learn more about Coach Colton's exciting addition to the BOOMSLANG coaching staff!

Looking forward to more excitement between now and the beginning of June! Enjoy the week and let's go BOOMSLANG!

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